The Practice

Fazaye-no Interiors is an Interior design firm with a focus on turnkey interior projects. We provide full design-build services for our clients, taking care of both any interior construction needs a project may have and the design and building of all the project's furnishing needs.

The firm was established in 1969, and is not only the most experienced interior design firm in the Iranian market, but has also been known for its superb project management skills and quality products throughout its distinguished history.

Fazaye-no Interiors' portfolio covers a wide range of residential, commercial, and government projects of varying size and complexity.

The firm has never through its more then 35 years of existence advertised its services and products. We take pride in the fact that our new clients have always come to us through referrals and word of mouth.


Fazaye-no Interiors designs and builds a wide variety of furnishings and decorative household objects, from reproduction classical pieces to Fazaye-no Interiors' in-house designed modern pieces.

Being a full service custom manufacturer we have the expertise to produce what our clients have in mind by taking a fragment of their imagination to a well-designed, well-proportioned, and well-crafted piece of furniture.

We not only build a full range of furniture, but also provide our clients with custom designed mirrors, picture frames, lighting products, and decorative accessories. Our entire product line is meticulously handcrafted by some of the most experienced craftsmen, utilizing only the best material available in the market.


Fazaye-no Interiors is a design-build firm. We not only provide full architectural services, but also act as general contractor for our own projects. We draw on a large pool of expert tradesmen and professionals to create impeccably designed and implemented spaces.


Fazaye-no Interiors offers an initial consultation session to our potential clients during which we try and understand their needs and get a feel for their likes and dislikes. It is during this first meeting that the client presents the project parameters and intended budget and our office assesses how we may best serve the client's needs within those limits.

Work continues after we receive a formal request from the client, and a mobilization fee to draw up schematic plans. The schematic designs are drawn up after we make site visits and create as-built plans of the space. The schematic design drawings will show our design intent and furniture layout. Should both parties decide to continue with the project, 75% of the mobilization fee will be applied to the client's project budget, otherwise, a copy of the schematic plans will be given to the client in return for the mobilization fee in its entirety.

Our complete pricing and fee structure for different services will be covered once the project's scope of work is defined during the initial consultation session.

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